Fapor is contributing daily for a healthier planet!

Fapor always selects the best resources with help from our team. The choice of the materials reflects our concept and commitment to bring unique and elegant proposals to our customers’ homes while respecting the environment.


1Mwh from the more than 1800 solar panels that Fapor installed in 2021 and 2022, the heat reused from the ovens for other equipment, and the monocooking, are factors that translate into the reduction of energy consumption and emissions to the atmosphere. These factors allowed no more than 350 tons of coal to be used per year and avoided the production of about 400 tons of Co2 whitch is equivalent to the planting 500 trees


The waste we generate is handed carefully. While raw, all residues and breaks are reintroduced into the process produced. After cooked, 90% are sent to recycling or valuation processes, becoming by-products incorporated in other industries, and the remaining 10% are reintroduced in the formulation of our paste.


95% of our water is reused!
In addition to the practices of reducing its consumption, all our water is carefully treated and reused for internal cleaning processes or reintroduced into the production process. Water treatment is done through our WWTP and rainwater is all reused through retention basins.