Established in Portugal, in 1986, Fapor specializes on the manufacture and sale of utility tableware, both in earthenware and stoneware. In the very beginning we only produced two products, vases and columns, for one single client in Germany.
In 1991 the range of products increased and we began to manufacture our own tableware line that allowed us access to new markets.
In 1996, we decisively strengthened our export customer base and currently export 99% of our output to diverse markets such as the USA, Australia and Europe.
This strategy focused on innovation and the export market has enabled us to fulfill a virtuous trajectory, based on above average growth ratios.
Fapor has around one hundred and fifty employees and currently has a manufacturing capacity of 3 million pieces a year.
To complement our production we have a Laboratory of Development and Analysis, as well as an in-house design department.


We strive to fulfil the commitments we have with our customers. Maintain the deadlines and assuring the quality.
Our clay and glazes are carefully selected so that the final product is to the client's liking. Our choice is demanding and only products with the highest degree of quality are approved.


Fapor takes great pride in its work, from the initial idea to the final product.
We are especially proud of our large pieces whose high manufacturing complexity makes Fapor stand out in this segment.